Beautiful Beaufort, SC. My Lowcountry home.

About Me: Born with a buttermilk biscuit in one hand & a briney lowcountry oyster in the other, Betsy Thomas Hinderliter, is a native of Columbia, South Carolina. After winning her 3rd State Fair blue ribbon for apple pie at age 17, she hung up her apron & traveled upstate, to attend Clemson University before turning her talents to the advertising and marketing business.

After 20 plus years in the Lowcountry she begrudgingly left the salt marsh & sugar sand beaches with her husband and daughter for the bright, land-locked lights of Birmingham, AL . In 2011, she returned with her family to the lovely seaside town of Beaufort, SC where she works full-time as a marketing and development professional for a major non-profit. After a rather lengthy hiatus from the southbyse blog, she returns to write about the delicious food, quirky culture and eccentric characters in the South Carolina, adding her own whimsical take on the world we find ourselves inhabiting in 2020. I’m glad I always renewed southbyse.com!

About the Blog: South By Southeast had been on a slow simmer in my head and in my heart for a long while. And though I have no concise 25 word “elevator speech” to describe what it will be exactly, (sorry about that all my marketing peeps!) my hope was that it would gracefully express my true love for southern food and culture in a way that will educate, entertain and illuminate those so inclined to read my posts…

Fast forward SEVERAL years and I am now ready to get back at it – now with experience, sarcasm and more attitude!

So if you find yourself intrigued by any of the following, please stay tuned to southbyse.com:

… and many, many more recipes, stories, images and ideas. Have a great day, ya’ll!


23 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for sharing the pumpkin bread. Of course it was AMAZING, just like everything you prepare. The blog is even more amazing. Mary

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my reblog of fresh summer veggie bake. I hope you try it and several other recipes and let me know what you think! Stop by any time.

  3. Hi Betsy, I love, love, love the site! I really like how detailed and easy to understand you have made the recipes. All the pictures with the descriptions throughout the instruction are so helpful for those of us lacking cooking skills and creativity. It has always been so frustrating to have recipes without pictures and usually if you get pictures, it is only of the final product. You have done such a beautiful job and I love reading all the extras! As you know, your nephew is a “picky” eater to say the least and is really a meat and potatoes kind of kid. Do you have any good ideas for some meat recipes? So proud of you for following your dreams and doing what you love! Katie

    • Hi Katie, I will put my thinking cap on for meat recipes for kids. Have you read the post on tea brined chicken? It is so good and not difficult at all just takes little planning ahead. You’ll have great leftovers too – for chicken salad or chicken/cheese quesadillas, tacos, or sandwiches etc.

  4. Hi Besty, my name is Chi-Donna Boone and I am a co-worker with your sister Julie. Everything looks wonderful. What would really set everything off is for you to send us some sample products. (perferably before June 1st) Tasting is the best advertisment.

    • Thanks Chi-Donna, thanks for the comment. Are you in KY? Otherwise, I will send along some jam next time I see Julie. I am hoping to inspire others to start cook’n. Unfortunately fried shrimp and Dr. Bird Cake doesn’t travel too well. Ha-ha. Have a great night!

      • Yes we are in KY. However I will wait until I return back to ATL. I have already passed your website on to all my pees. Unofrtunately, me and the kitchen are not friends. But I have alot of friends ALWAYS looking for recipes….Continue to get your cook on.

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